Posted on Apr 19, 2018

Lead Landscape, Concrete & Grading

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Concrete Greenville SC
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Many homeowners and proprietors are not familiar with the importance of grading the safety and structure of their homes. Without proper land grading, the water after a heavy rain can pool into your property, runoff towards your house or building’s foundation, and compromise its integrity. This especially risky in areas where storms and flooding are normal occurrences. If your property’s terrain is flat or inclined towards the foundation of the building, it’s just a matter of time before drainage issues arise and soil erosion occurs. Lead Landscape, Concrete & Grading can prevent those unfortunate circumstances from happening. Land grading or leveling is a process that contours the terrain of your property into a proper slope either for foundation purposes, construction (roads, parking lot, driveways, etc.), and landscaping.

Lead Landscape, Concrete & Grading
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